Seraka Dance Company

SerakaDOTE5_VPSeraka is Vanessa & Kristine Nolte’s dancing love child. Formed in 2010, the all-female dance company performs regularly in and around St. John’s, NL and continues to be a much loved addition to many events, both large and small.  Presenting a unique interpretation under the artistic direction of Vanessa and the technical direction of Karen Erl, Seraka is known for intricate, interesting choreography, stunning costuming and a professional presentation of bellydance.

Vanessa’s love of performing, her growing works of choreography (and her excessive costuming trove) can be seen at any event or show that Seraka’s in. For performance schedules, bookings and more please visit


Eloquent Taxeem Collection

ETCA longtime lover of crafts, shiny things, and old trinkets, Vanessa dabbles in creating unique adornment for dancers including necklaces, practise wear, and bra/belt sets. On occasion she makes items for general sale, but more often she prefers to create unique, one of a kind custom pieces.

Current work can be viewed at any Seraka Dance Co. production at the merchandise table, or you can request photos via email.

If you’d like to have your very own custom piece, simply take a moment to compile a few thoughts about what you’d like and send her an email.

Past Endeavours & Projects:

Wild Lily Dance Centre (2009-2012)

In 2009 Vanessa and partner Lori Savory founded Wild Lily Dance Centre for adult dance learners, specializing in the non-traditional and beloved styles such as gypsy belly dance, flamenco, bollywood and hooping.  ‘The Lily’ expanded in 2010 to include two studios, 10 highly skilled instructors and over 400 dance students. For 3 years, Vanessa managed the studio and taught multiple weekly classes in belly dance; to say that this project holds a special place in her heart is an understatement.

Neighbourhood Strays Belly Dance Troupe (2009-2010)

After a year of taking classes under Andrea Kitta, and enrolling in their Troupe Prep training group for 6 months, Vanessa was invited to join the Strays as a core dancer. She danced regularly with this Atseguin-style belly dance group for a year, until she left to found Seraka.